Ken brings 30 years of experience solving location problems for such directors as Michael Bay, John Frankenheimer, Kinka Usher, and Spike Jonze to name  only a few.

With well over 2000 commercial and print projects to his credits – Ken offers a discerning eye, and a thorough knowledge of production needs.

With offices in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, he supplies a diverse range of locations from glam to gritty.

Ken prides himself on providing locations that enhance and add to the story telling process.
A few years back, a producer of a very highly regarded director, told Ken that he needed to inspire the director, to which Ken replied, ” l’m lucky if I can inspire myself, and then and only then do I have a shot of inspiring anybody else.” Ken is still trying to inspire himself and in doing so inspires many.

Ken is one of the best locations scouts I’ve ever worked with in Southern California. He is a wealth of knowledge in sourcing the best locations for our projects, and he does it on budget. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for a smart and resourceful scout.

-Nancy Hacohen, Executive Producer


Contact Information
Los Angeles/Palm Springs 818-503-0035